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The Fur-Kids! Clyde and Salem

Okay. For those of you who don't understand, I will explain this to you. My cats run our house! It's all about them. I don't have a couch in the front window ~ because it gets in their way. They have beds in every room (mine included) and more toys than 20 cats could get good use out of.

I'm not a crazy cat woman ~ I still only have two cats!

But, I figured since they've got me wrapped around their little paws ~ they should have their own page.

And now they have their own website!


This picture was taken a few months after we got Salem in June 2002. Clyde took to him right away, and they've been brothers ever since.

How it all began

Before I even knew I liked cats ~ Clyde knew it. When I moved into my house in Elverta (two and a half years ago) Clyde decided he was living there too. I'm not sure if he was left by the old tenant or just belonged to the neighborhood. I put a collar on him with my phone number, and since no one called ~ I assumed he was mine. After getting into a fight and costing lots of time and money to repair, Clyde became an indoor cat (and he WON the fight!). After a few trials of using the litterbox (my china doll plant will never be the same) he's been with me ever since. From that house to the apartment and now in our new house, Clyde is definitely a mama's boy.

This is a pic of Clyde enjoying the buffet I picked up FOR FREE on craigslist.

Trouble Maker
Ah, little Salem Daniel. He was rescued by a friend of mine, Rikki. He and his momma and four siblings were found in the rafters of one of the buildings where she worked. I was going to help her place the animals in foster care or get them adopted ~ I went over there and ended up bringing little Tay-tay home with me. He was teenie tiny and full of mischief. No noe is allowed to leave a drink alone on the table with a straw in it now ~ Salem likes to tip them over. ::sigh:: And he loves the ice machine and hates when doors are closed. He's very indpendent, and quite a character.  This pic was taken in October 2003, and it includes Penny the Potholder.  Salem adopted Penny when she was found in the kitchen covered in cookie dough.  She's been washed since then, but Salem just loves her.


Clyde and Salem are very comfy.  They have what we like to call "comfortable arm" and well, when two are comfortable - Do Not Disturb (well, except with that darn flash from the camera!)

Another Story:  Woke up last night to Clyde scratching at the comforter ~ he doesn't usually do that ~ so I had to inspect. (at 4 a.m., mind you!) I looked at the comforter...nothing...poked at it..."meow!"...lifted it up...SALEM! ::giggle::

Smack-down Anyone?
It's not always fun and games at our house, we have a "smack-down" rug.  Here they entertain us for hours wrestling, fighting, clawing, screeching.  They have a blast.  Only two rules when it comes to smack-down.  No ear biting, no going for the jugular, and if someone cries...they have to retreat to their seperate corners. :)  It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye. (tell that to Mr. Feathers)

oh dear ~ already another cat story. So night before last I'm snoozing in my bed. at 5:30 a.m., the house alarm starts going off. Now, I don't know if you've heard a house alarm, but HOLY HELL it's LOUD!! So I jump from the bed ~ not really worried...but making sure the alarm goes off long enough for it to register with the alarm company...Em runs out of her room to shut it off...and I walk into the living room and see ~ NOTHING. No open windows, doors, broken glass, axe murderers, nothing but two cats with aerodynamic face (I'll have to put up a pic of that's hard to explain).
Any odd...the alarm company calls to see if we're okay and I said, "well, it depends on what caused it to go off" and she said there was motion detected in the dining room. Uh, we have a centerpiece bowl filled with water and floating candles on the table...and that's what the cat's like to drink from. And from the look on Salem's face (and the fact that he wouldn't get on the table for the rest of the day) we assumed he must have jumped on the table, causing the alarm to go off. Boy was Salem upset. he was under the table and wouldn't come out. Poor little thing. lol
That's as good as when he thought the Christmas treet spits at him because we would squirt him with water everytime he went near it. He hated that tree. haha.

When It's Smokin' It's Cookin' When It's Black It's Done Well, Salem has proven himself to need a helmet ~ and apparently a fire safety suit. While I was in LA watching the Dodgers ~ Salem caught himself ON FIRE. Okay, well, technically he just smoldered a little ~ no flames...but still. He gets very focused when it comes to chasing moths...and he failed to notice the candles burning on the bar. He burned his little grey armpit hair off. :( Poor thing. You know, when you're roommate calls and says, "first, I just want to say the cat is fine..." It's never good news.
He wasn't hurt though ~ he was just startled. :)

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