I know that dude!
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Do you know??

It is really easy to get people to stop and pose for photos when you tell them it's going on an internet porn site? Weird.

In updating I kept these pics to remind me of why I'm sooo glad I'm dating someone. lol  Also - it's a good reminder of all those fun stories that the girls and I have been sharing about the characters that we've dated over the years and the reasons we broke up.

John - if you ever read this - the reason I stopped returning your calls is because when we went to Apple Hill, you didn't care my pumpkin.  And dammit if that thing wasn't heavy.  I may not be a fragile little flower, but seriously - sack up! 

We got this one by calling out "Hey Jack"
Douglas was wearing a Jack Daniels shirt...he heard us, but didn't know we were talking to him. haha. His friends called him Eminem. He was a friendly guy ~ who we complimented on his manners. heee
I am a comedian...
no explanation needed.
A night off huh fellas?
two of our favorites...Keegan and Fernando.
The answer is always NO!
Ah, the inspired slogan for our nights out ~ When Josh asks if you want to make it a double for an extra dollar ~ the answer is always NO. (look at him ~ evil little grin mixin' those drinks) I'll have a JACK and (splash of) coke.
You busy?
No action photo for Greg ~ we got to the bar too early ~ not much happening. We got him to pose for this picture because we said it was for a "which bartender would you rather see naked" contest. He was up for that one!
I'm competing against WHO?!
Did Greg just find out his competition is Josh? Nope ~ I just think he's weird....the best part ~ I just happened to catch him doing this ~ he wasn't even posing for it. haha.
Pollyesthers flashback...
You have the nicest back of your neck. ::sigh::

1390 people don't know who we be neither