Fast Times at the Time Out
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This is one of our final gatherings with Shannon in attendance...

We had a great time - is it no wonder that the Time Out is teh Monday night thing to do??

Devann, me, and Shannon picking out our songs...

Shortly after, Shannon was singing about the son of a preacher man and I was killing Earl. :)

Liz and Lindsay - part of the cheering section

Ah, the abundance of good times was had by all - even those who wouldn't sing....well, except when we were singing at the top of our lungs to other people's songs. ;)

Me, Aaron, and Devann - Aaron looks like the Mac daddy

Did I really just type "Mac daddy"?!

Rachel - The karaoke pimp

She's the only reason I had ever heard of the Time Out Tavern.  This is the place where I won the karaoke contest to sing at the Rivercats game.

Sing it Shanny!

"The only boy who could ever reach me, was the son of a..."

Aaron is skeptical, while Devann is awed and amazed

"Wow, the Time Out Tavern singers rock!  I can't believe they know all the words...oh, they are on the screen..."

Monique, Shanny, and Liz

Smokin', drinkin', and causing trouble. ;)