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You've got to check this out!!
Follow these links to get to other (not as cool as this one) websites.

Cool Stuff!
Miss Doxie

It should be illegal for someone to be so funny and adorable.  You'll want to hate her - but it's virtually impossible.

WW Recipes from 1974 if the recipes don't make you gag ~ the props will....and the commentary will make you spit milk out your nose.
Cate's Garage Sale Finds I love the commentary on the different cakes and how they are decorated as well as the cat-lady crafter.
Rob Arnie and Dawn ~ 98 Rock Sacramento's funniest morning radio.

More Cool Stuff!
My Web Journal


Dooce Read about her trials and tribulations as a new mom.  She's a crack up.
Princess House Crystal Buy, sell, or trade Princess House Crystal items.
Ebay! More shopping!  Check out my auctions listed under seller, VeganGal
Emode Take interesting quizzes online!
Bored?? Try E-spin-the-bottle and read profiles of (often strange) people ~ and maybe even meet someone normal. ;)
A Different Daisy Purchase vegan products and read inspiring stories of animal rescue.
Classmates.com reunite with your first love, your best friend, or find out if those "most likely to succeed" really did. (and laugh because they didn't!)
Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine Do you know if your charity contributions are being used to fund cruel animal experiments?  You can find out here, as well as learn about alternative methods to animal testing.

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